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About US

Mission statement 

Northside AFT (#3216) works collaboratively with students, families, community members, and district employees to advocate for full access to educational opportunities, training, and resources. We guide and amplify our members’ collective voice. We focus this voice to help ensure equitability for all stakeholders. We strengthen this institutional employee voice via member engagement and activism. We work with our members to address workplace concerns and partner with them to take action opposing intimidation, retaliation, discrimination, or injustice.

Core Values

Collaboration-- Successful collaboration is built on reciprocity, mutual aid, and shared decision making. Building relationships of mutual assistance and cooperation with organized labor, the school district, and community stakeholders is key.  


Unity-- Unity means stakeholders working together for the benefit of the NISD community. As public school employees, we improve our professional status and the quality of public education when we unite and advocate collectively. 


Empowerment-- Empowerment begins with membership, grows via engagement, and matures into advocacy and action.


Justice-- All individuals are entitled to be treated fairly and with respect. Oppression should be identified and counteracted. Students and school employees must be honored for their individual identity points and their contributions to the community.  These differences enrich our society.

Community-- Schools and community are intertwined. Schools reflect the community but can also be agents of change.  Therefore, the community must have a voice in the discussions and decisions that affect students, families, and district employees. Community commitment aids in stakeholders valuing one another. 


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